The Complete Guide to Closing Costs in Jupiter, Florida

Closing costs are a part of any home sale or purchase. The price paid is determined by several factors – but one can expect closing costs to average 1% to 3% (before taxes).

The average closing cost in Florida is just shy of 2%.

This cost is paid when the home purchase/sale is finished. The money is usually held in escrow and is then distributed once everything is settled.

What Determines Closing Costs

There are several factors that come into play when closing costs are determined – these typically include:

  • Loan amount
  • Mortgage type
  • Location

More specifically – you’re looking at a huge collection of fees that make up these major categories. Minor fees often reflect items like processing, wire transfers, and tax services. The closing costs can include courier fees, title insurance, recording, homeowners insurance premiums, and tax reserves.

Some of the major contributors to the closing costs are:

  • Lenders fees – Payouts to those financial companies that handled the loan/sale
  • Origination fee – A compensation to the lender for facilitation the loan
  • Mortgage broker fee – The compensation that goes to the mortgage broker
  • Discount fee – Fees paid to the lender to lower interest rates

These four often range from 0-1% or 0-2% of the total costs. Then, others mentioned range from $25 in the case of a wire transfer to a couple hundred for underwriting services.

Home sales in Florida also incur a document stamps fee. This is a percentage of the sales price. And, of course, you should expect to pay taxes on these transactions.

Paying the Closing Costs

Florida home buyers are the ones typically paying closing costs. Since the final amount can greatly change depending on the home, location, taxes, and all the associated costs – it’s wise to explore one’s opportunities with its payment.

  • Good Faith Estimate – The GFE is an estimate of the closing cost to aid with the buying/selling transparency, though it’s still an estimate so prepare for it to fluctuate.
  • Cash – Cash is always a great option since it means mortgage loan amounts aren’t as high, subsequently lowering the interest rates, too.
  • Combine It – One could factor the closing cost into the mortgage, this would need to be worked out with the lender.

The buyers are always welcome to ask sellers to pay toward some of the costs, too, such as splitting it.

Buying & Selling in Jupiter, FL

Jupiter, FL is a wonderful place to call home. Its vibrant communities, easy access to the beach, endless things to do, hot job market, and ample living space offers a picturesque Florida lifestyle you dream about.

Though, sometimes you’d like to explore other opportunities. Or, find something larger for you and your family.

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