How to Sell a House in Jupiter, FL

Deciding to sell your Florida home kick starts a long, somewhat complicated process. But, with the right help and guidance – you’ll get top dollar for your home without being hindered by paperwork and closing troubles.

There are a few ways to sell a home:

  • Listing and handling the sale by yourself
  • Hiring a real estate agent and their services
  • Off-loading a home for cash to a quick sale buyer

The process for these three services are slightly different but the core concepts remain the same. You’ll:

  1. Prepare the home and make appropriate fixes
  2. Figure out the home’s value and handle property taxes
  3. Get it listed on home buying/selling platforms
  4. Vetting buyers and negotiating the sale
  5. Filling out the necessary paperwork

A real estate agent can handle these details on your behalf. This is the usual option since people lead busy lives, and may want to use their free time to find a new home since they’ll go from one to the other in one fell swoop.

Lastly, selling a home to one of the “we buy houses cash” type places cuts out a lot of the steps. You’re working directly with an individual or company that’s paying for the property. This is sometimes good if you need to get out of a home fast.

Listing a Property for Sale

Suppose you do want to DIY your home listing. Or, you’d like to know how a real estate agent would likely get your home on home buying/selling platforms, and local listings.

It goes like this:

  • Get it listed on internet sites, agent sites, posted via yard signs, and/or shared through word of mouth
  • Submit the listing to one of the many MLS services that’ll feed it into their database, that’s displayed on realty sites
  • Posting listings on online and local bulletin boards, classified ads, and the like

Doing this yourself will take a lot of work but it also means you won’t have to pay the real estate agent fees/commissions. On the other hand, you’d want to think about opportunity costs especially if your time is better spent elsewhere.

Florida Real Estate Sales

What sort of items will you need for a home sale in Florida? Well, gather up these to meet the state’s requirements:

  • Multiple forms of ID
  • Copy of the purchase agreement
  • Closing statement
  • Signed deed
  • Bill of sale
  • Affidavit of title
  • Property tax agreement

You might also need documents from the HOA, loan payoff info, proof of work done to the place, inspections, and basically anything else that’s tied to the home.

You’ll also need a few disclosure forms, which you’ll want to refer to through local commerce.

Getting Top Dollar

What can you do to get top dollar for your Jupiter, FL home?

  • Do whatever minor repairs you can afford
  • Invest in a few upgrades to make it attractive
  • Touch up the outside to boost curb appeal
  • Make an engaging listing with photos/video
  • Stage the rooms and project a lifestyle
  • Know what your home’s worth

And, of course, work with an agent that has your best interests in mind when getting the property listed.

Moving On (and Out)

Deciding to move from your Jupiter home is a big decision. Hopefully, you’re relocating somewhere nearby so you can still enjoy those toasty Summer days on the beach!

This short but sweet guide offered a good set of details about home selling. If you have other questions – feel free to get in touch and we’ll connect you with proven real estate agents in the Jupiter area!

Best of luck with your home sale!

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